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Episode 3: Tackling Abandoned Checkouts before they happen

Running an online store is like sports. Sometimes you have the ball on offense. But sometimes you have to protect your goal with defense.

Just like great teams, your store needs to learn how to play good defense. Scout can help you with this.

Each website visit from an interested customer is like a play:
On one side you have a considering visitor with questions or concerns. For example, is it too expensive? Or what is the expected shipping time?

And on the other side you have your defensive strategy to respond to each.

Think about a “maybe” customer as someone with the ball. Your strategy should be defensive. You need to block their reason from reaching the “abandoned checkout” zone. The way to do this is to identify the reason before it goes too far. If someone is thinking, “I wonder what exactly is included in the packaging?” then make an unboxing video to show the customer exactly what’s included. If they are on mobile, make sure the site loads fast so impatient visitors don’t leave.

The truth is, there are invisible players on the opposite team. But how can you stop something you can’t see? The abandon reasons are invisible because you haven’t identified them yet. This is happening on your website every. Single. Day.

Scout can help you identify them. It connects you with these customers so you can learn from their feedback. Once these issues are visible, just like the players on the field, you can create a strategy to stop it. While over time, increasing your website conversion rates.