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Getting the most out of Scout

Help Scout Help You

Scout’s job is to be your virtual relationship manager. It will help you build bulletproof relationships with pre-sale and post-sale customers. However, there are a few things you should be aware of and do to best put Scout to use. Below are a few quick and easy things to make sure you (both) have a good experience.


Things to be aware of:

Abandoned Carts vs. Abandoned Checkouts 

Abandoned Carts and Abandoned Checkouts are two different things. An abandoned checkout is similar to a cart, except it has customer details attached to it. Scout’s job is to alert you to abandoned checkouts because those leads are way more relevant, and they won’t mind if you contact them. They ar customers who were interested enough to fill out their personal details.

Shopify has a dashboard (image below) which shows you how many carts you’ve had, but remember this doesn’t mean they are abandoned checkouts. There are no personal details attached to just cart creations.

However, Scout does alert you on this below step. The yellow dotted line below indicates the point in the checkout process where you have hot leads to follow up with. Of those 30 people who filled out their personal details, Scout will find them and alert you with next steps to recover.


Improving your Scout Experience:

Set your Minimum Abandoned Alert Value

If you type “Minimum” in the Scout chat, you will be able to configure the cart threshold to be alerted on. So if your store is getting dozens of abandoned checkouts every day and you don’t want to keep getting all those messages, you can configure Scout to only alert you on orders of $30, $100, or $300

setting minimum alerts

Make Phone Numbers Required

Shopify gives you the option to control some fields during your customer’s checkout experience. To enjoy all of Scout’s features like developing personalized phone call scripts, auto-dialling, and direct SMS to customers, we reccomend making phone numbers Required, or at least Optional. We’ve written a post here which talks about the pros and cons of each option. You can edit the form (picture below) using this URL, just replace your store name in the yellow parts.¬†


make phone numbers required in shopify


How to best use Phone Calls Alongside Recovery Auto-Emails

The sole purpose of the first cart recovery auto-email you send should be to provide exceptional customer service. Use the opportunity to start the conversation, because this group of customers are extremely important to your business and their relationships should be a priority.

First and foremost, DO NOT use a generic auto-recovery email that just points them back to their “waiting” cart. Your customers had unanswered questions which is why they abandoned, so acknowledge that you understand that and show that you’re stepping forward to answer those questions.

Secondly, sign the email as either the founder/owner of the store, or from any other senior position. These are extremely valuable customers to your business, so you should start the relationships with them on the right note. Try to make the email feel as casual and personal as possible.

Thirdly, list the top three FAQs your product or store gets. It’s likely the reason someone abandoned was because of one of these questions. Here, list your phone number clearly so they can reach out directly in case your list of top three questions doesn’t match their reason.

Finally, make it clear to the customer that you will try to call them personally to get feedback and understand their needs. You are a small business, leverage that as a competitive advantage and develop a relationship. Asking for feedback is also a great way to show that you’re not calling to take their money, but to improve your small business. You should follow up with the phone call around six hours after the email goes out. If in 6 hours the timezone your customer is in after 9pm, then call the next day sometime in the afternoon. Remember, people either buy something to solve a problem, or cater to a passion. Approach the call from that perspective.


If you have any questions, just email