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Your website isn’t the only place online where your customers should be able to find and buy from you. Craigslist, Kijiji, Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, etc are all other online destinations where consumers are visiting for deals. And by listing your products and services on these marketplaces, you vastly increase the chances of your products getting discovered and purchased.

By listing your products on other marketplaces you will also inherently do research on your competitors who are also selling similar products. You can see what they sell for, what the reviews look like, what customers are saying about what they like, or dislike about the product. All this information should be used to inform your multi-channel sales and overall marketing strategy.

Why it’s important?

Your target customers are not just buying products from several online properties, they want to buy from any channel in their moment of discovery. This is the future of commerce. Be where your customers are. This is why location is so important in retail stores, because foot traffic is a good measure of sales. And in today’s era of the internet, foot traffic is the same as interested website visitors.

But for most businesses, getting onto the first page of Google search to drive the right traffic is a very tough ask. But it’s quite easy for marketplaces like Kijiji, Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon dtoo show up in the top results. This is because these marketplaces have built incredible trust in Google’s page ranking. So if you can’t rank first for your own website, “piggyback” other marketplaces instead. For example, if you sell handcrafted picture frames, getting a top spot on Etsy isn’t hard with the right keywords in your product descriptions and a few positive reviews. Furthermore, if someone is searching for “handmade wood picture frame” in Google, then Ebay and Etsy are the two of the top resulting links. Clicking on Etsy, we see several small businesses selling high quality handmade wooden frames, businesses that would have an almost impossible task of ranking on the first few pages of a Google search. So basically, your brand is only two clicks away if it ranks well in Ebay or Etsy, whereas if your products were not listed in Ebay or Etsy, then it would likely be several more clicks away. The less clicks a customer needs to make to reach your product page, the better your chances that you will get the traffic, and therefore the sale.

Additionally, being listed on established marketplaces adds credibility to your business. If a discerning customer were to Google your business and product, they would see results of your brand appearing on several other marketplace links. This brand credibility can many times be the deciding factor of whether a customer buys or moves on to find your product elsewhere.

How to Get Started

Step 1) Visit each marketplace, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Kijiji, and Craigslist, and find other similar products that are being sold. Make a note of who is selling similar products, and for what prices they are selling for. Also make a note of what their reviews look like.

Step 2) Pick images and key points of differentiation for your product. Research your competitors postings to see if they are missing any important details or ignoring any customer concerns. For example, if their images seem blurry, outdated, noisy, etc, make sure your images are clear and high quality. If they don’t have an FAQ, make one in yours. If they don’t offer a phone number to reach them, make sure you do! Etc.

Step 3) Create your product’s listing using the content on your existing ecommerce store, such as images, product description, and also any reviews if you have them. Be mindful not to just copy/paste but to also add some personalization based on the channel. Don’t forget to encourage your customers to contact you – the goal with these channels isn’t just to make a sale, but to start a conversation to learn more about your customers who visit these other channels.

Step 4) Monitor the traffic and sales through these channels on a weekly basis and make adjustments as needed.