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Scale Customer Relationships with an Ecommerce Call Center & Handwritten Thank You Cards

Scout Pro was made for high volume ecommerce stores looking for an affordable way to grow what matters the most: Customer Experience

Abandoned Checkout Call Centre

High Converting Call Scripts

Your call scouts  approach conversations with the aim to solve your potential customer’s problem first, and make a sale, second.

Prioritized Call Logs

As checkouts are abandoned, calls are re-prioritized so your scouts are always talking to your highest value customers at any time.

English Speaking European Staff

We employ English speaking European staff so your call scouts can better relate to your brand and English speaking customers.

Handwritten Customer Thank You Cards

Customized Thank You Note

Add your own custom thank you card text so your best customers get a card that sounds like you and your brand messaging.

Configure and Track

Define what your “best” customer looks like for your store, like repurchase rates and cart totals, and track results from future purchases.

Written, Stamped and Posted

Set and forget. After configuring your settings, Scout Pro will take care of the rest. You can sit back and watch the great reviews flow in.

Scale your Customer Relationship Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Is calling an abandoned checkout customer a good idea?

It is a good idea. Your call scouts will only reach out to customers who entered their personal details, and phone number. Once they enter their personal information and enter the checkout page (where they likely dropped) is when we qualify the checkout as abandoned. This means any call alerts your scouts get is for a very interested buyer who probably dropped because of an unanswered question or concern. Once your scout calls them, acknowledges this concern and addresses it, you have a strong chance of recovering a sale.

We’ve found buyers do not get frustrated by these calls because scouts are specifically trained not to be pushy, and start the conversation with the sole purpose of asking for feedback and proactively solving a problem.

How will scouts know what to say on the phone?

We get this a lot. We’ve trained our scouts to use high converting call scripts unique to each customer and their shopping cart. If there is any messaging you’d like us to include in the scripts, just let us know and we’ll add it to the scouts’ scripts.

What kind of conversion rate can I expect from Scouts calling my abandoned checkout customers?

It depends store to store, but if you have a niche product, we have found conversion rates can reach over 50%!

Should I make the phone number field "Required" or keep it as "Optional"?

Keep it as “Required”. We know that many people feel asking for a phone number might discourage a customer from completing their checkout. We disagree with this for a couple reasons. 1) These days with new browsers auto-filling fields, many times the phone number field is auto-populated. And 2) an interested customer won’t be deterred by this field if it’s something they need. We did a pros and cons analysis in this post with more details here.

More importantly, for you to get the most our of your Scout Pro Call Centre you should set the phone number field to “Required”.

Which countries do you send handwritten notes to?

Right now Scout is only able to send custom handwritten notes to USA and Canadian buyers. They are written by our Scouts in Canada and mailed from there the same day.

Will the notes look like they are coming from our brand?

Yes! The handwritten notes are written with a blue ink pen on recycled kraft paper, with a seperate kraft envelop for the address (also hand-written). The “from” section of the envelop will include your business’s address, and the thank you card will be signed off using your name.

Customers who get these in the mail will think you personally wrote these cards.

How does pricing work?

Depending on the number of calls or handwritten notes you want made, we will give you a price quote. Before you can even get started with the service the app you install here is the first step in attaining your quote. All you have to do after installing the app is configure which minimum cart values you want our call center to call for you.

For sending custom handwritten thank you cards, we charge a per unit fee, again which is quoted after you configure your requirements.

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