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Tactics & strategies for ecommerce entrepreneurs that want to build bulletproof customer relationships

When and How to Call, SMS or Email your Customers

Why is this Topic Important? Creating an effective communication mix with your customers is very important. I see too many business owners, and ecommerce businesses relying solely on email communication. I think relying only on email is taking the easy way out. The...

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50 Ecommerce Growth Hacks You Can Do Each Day

1) The 'About' page is the 2nd most visited page on your site 2) Send free samples to Instagram influencers 3) Buy misspells of your domain...

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Why Customer Relationship Automation is the new CRM

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM is a term for a software used by companies to better understand their customers and audience. For example, a CRM would tell a salesperson when the last time their lead was on their website, what blogs on their website...

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Thanking your Customers: A Phone Call Script

Example of a Great “Thank You” Phone Call Script [Customer’s First Name]? My name is [Your Full Name] and I’m the owner/founder/designer/head of customer experience at [Store Name]. This is the same opening we use in our “Abandoned Checkout” and general Feedback...

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Ecommerce Abandoned Checkout Recovery: Phone Call Script

I’ve been sharing my message for entrepreneurs to call their customers. It’s always great to hear from those who are physically picking up the phone and calling customers (mostly because it’s quickly followed by a confirmation of its effectiveness); but I do get a...

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Asking for Phone Numbers: Optional, Required, or Hidden?

As ecommerce store owners, we want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to successfully purchase our product. Many times we opt for minimalist forms in the hopes of ushering a potential customer through our sales funnel. But does this really work? Hint: It...

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