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About Scout & Raven Apps

We believe that one on one customer relationships are the most important thing to the success of your business. We’ve worked with almost 10,000 stores (as of April 2018) and we’ve found business that make consistent sales and grow each year make an effort to connect with pre-sale and post-sale customers.

With so many options for consumers shopping online, our belief is that the customer relationship is today’s most valuable competitive advantage for small and medium businesses. We built Scout and Raven so online entrepeneurs know who they should be talking to, what they should be saying, and how they can grow a deeper relationship to generate more revenue.

Both apps, Scout and Raven were developed by our team of ecommerce entrepeneurs who realized the benefits our online stores enjoyed when we started calling customers. We saw phone calls recovering over 50% of abandoned checkouts. We saw abandoned checkout rates fall drastically. And most importantly, we saw a visible increase in website revisits, repurchases and referrals.

Our team is comprised most of ecommerce merchants. 75% of our founding team are merchants first, and developers second. So we understand the frustrations of merchants trying to scale. We saw phone calls change our respective businesses so we decided to make an app anyone can use. If you’re a small store, check out the free Scout app here, Raven here, and if you’re a Shopify Plus merchants, you can see our offering here.