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Relationships = Revenue

Scout creates delightful customer experiences with one-tap SMS, Email, Phone & Handwritten Notes. Best of all, it’s free for your small business.


What is Scout?

Scout is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that connects to your online store to identify and grow the right customer relationships. Scout’s mission is to build bulletproof brand loyalty and trust.

Features for Pre-Sale Relationships

Scout’s Abandoned Checkout Alerts identify on-the-fence customers that need extra attention to nudge their checkout. Recover 3-5x more orders with personal interactions within 60 minutes.

Personal Customer SMS

Get higher CTR with personal SMS. SMS is an underutilized communication channel that customers are more likely to read and engage with.

Personalized Customer Email

Beat the spam filter by supplementing your cookie-cutter auto abandon checkout emails with one-click founder outreach emails.

Call Script and Dialling

Calls are the ultimate abandoned closers resulting in 55% recovery rates. Scout preps you with time tested call scripts to close your hottest leads.

Added Benefits

Reaching out to pre-sale and post-sale customers has countless other benefits. This is because developing strong customer relationships turns buyers into loyal customers. The simple act of a well-timed and thoughtful message gaurantees long-term success with customers.

Increase your sales


Offera a personalized shopping experience

Reduce abandoned checkouts


More "Face time" with engaged visitors

How it Works


Put Scout to work in two clicks by connecting your online store

Ongoing Analysis

Scout will start lookout for your most valuable relationships


Actionable Facebook Messenger alerts with clear action buttons

Track Results

Track the ROI on customers Scout has connected with

Why are Customer Relationships Important?

After working with over 4,500 stores, Scout noticed what most great businesses have in common is pretty simple. It found that most successful businesses spend time reaching out to customers and building a one-on-one relationship. Why is that crucial? Because relationships equal trust. And a trusted relationship is what drives people to spend their money and advocate for you.

Start building relationships and growing revenue today.

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